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one of the most popular Minecraft launchers in the Poland! (not on the world... yet)

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What is Crystal Launcher?

Crystal Launcher is a launcher that has own packages repository. It can also run official launcher packages (from rd-132211 to Minecraft 1.13.2!)


Main features:

▸ Skins for offline players
▸ Ability to login both premium and offline players
▸ Automatic install packages from repository
▸ Ability to run Vanilla Minecraft versions - starting from InDev version!
▸ Create custom modpacks using easy to use creator with automatic MinecraftForge installer!
▸ Easy access to game memory settings in launcher settings
▸ Build-in troubleshooter


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1 / 8
Ability to log in both premium and offline players
2 / 8
Launcher has modern and clear interface
3 / 8
Integrated skin control panel (premium and offline)
4 / 8
Crystal Launcher modpack repository
5 / 8
Minecraft Vanilla
6 / 8
Ability to easy create modpacks using creator - it contains also MinecraftForge installer build in!
7 / 8
Modpack creator also contains compatibility layer for Curse/FTB modpacks!
8 / 8
Build-in easter eggs ;)

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